Mazda in Europe has appointed an Ethics Committee to handle reports on unethical, illegal or unsafe activity in the field of accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, fight against bribery, banking and financial crime. The option of informing someone within Mazda Europe directly remains available.

Third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) may also contact the Ethics Committee to report the incidents described above. For all other topics, please contact one of our National Sales Companies.

The Ethics Committee can be contacted via the telephone numbers listed below or by utilising the web-site operated by Mazda’s service provider.

The information is received by The Network, an international provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions and forwarded to Mazda Motor Europe GmbH who investigates it internally. On request the informant receives an assurance that the information will be passed onto Mazda without revealing his/her identity. Mazda in Europe will also ensure that no whistleblower is disadvantaged solely because he/she passed on information according to his/her best knowledge via the Committee.

If an initial internal assessment finds that the information received might be accurate, an internal investigation will be started and further measures may be taken (e.g. internal audits, involvement of authorities etc.). If the information proves unfounded, the report case will be closed and the information received will be treated in accordance with applicable rules.

Dialing Instructions

1. Find your country name, access type and telephone number(s) in the chart below.

2. Following the calling instructions based on the access type for your country.

For ITFS access:

• Dial the country-specific telephone number to connect directly with The Network.

For AT&T Direct access:

• Dial the country-specific access code to reach AT&T. When prompted, enter the toll-free number to connect to The Network.

For collect calling:

Dial your local telephone operator and say that you would like to place a reverse charge call to the following number in the United States: 770-776-5691.
When the operator asks for your name, you may give your name or - if you prefer to remain anonymous - say "Mazda" as your name.
The Network will accept the call.

3. A recorded message (in your language) will provide information to prepare you for the call.

4. An English-speaking interview specialist will answer your call and conference in an interpreter who speaks your language. You do not have to provide your name.


Access Type

Access Code

Toll-free Number

Austria AT&T Direct 0-800-200-288 877-217-4774
Belgium AT&T Direct 0-800-100-10 877-217-4774
Croatia AT&T Direct 0800-220-111 877-217-4774
Czech Republic ITFS   800-143-247
Denmark ITFS   80-886959
France ITFS   0800-90-7446
Ireland AT&T Direct 1-800-550-000 877-217-4774
Germany ITFS   0800-181-7438
Hungary ITFS   06-800-16383
Italy ITFS   800-788907
Norway ITFS   800-16001
Poland ITFS   00-800-111-1917
Portugal ITFS   800-811921
Russia AT&T Direct 8ˆ10-800-110-1011 877-217-4774
Slovakia AT&T Direct 0-800-000-101 877-217-4774
Slovenia Collect   770-776-5691
Spain ITFS   900-99-1086
Sweden ITFS   020-79-1399
Switzerland ITFS   0800-83-5551
Turkey AT&T Direct 0811-288-0001 877-217-4774
United Kingdom ITFS   0808-234-4808